Building Maintenance Unit (Gondola)


Building Maintenance Unit (Gondolas)

The Gondola's simple design and effectiveness was proven not only as it used in construction industry but also other industries that requires vertical access. They are used for works such as installation of glass panels, aluminium cladding, repainting and repair works. They can also be used in oil tank refineries for access to chimneys, cold boxes, on hips and dry docks and even for silo's external and internal cleaning. Our Gondola motor have undergone vigorous TUV/SUD load tests conducted by Professional Engineers.

The modular platforms comes in standard lenghts of lm, 2m, 3m and can be assembled in various combinations to form a single lenght platform.

Our prestigious engineering team has designed and installed permanent Gondolas many complex and innovative solutions worldwide. The “tailor made” concept followed on every design allows us to develop countless new methods of production and assembly.