About Us


BMU TECHNOLOGIES (M) SDN BHD was founded in the year 1996 by a group of experienced professionals. Today we are known in the industry as a service provider that develops & delivers quality, reliable and cost effective solutions which earns clients’ satisfaction

Our products and services upholds the latest development & comprehensive range of expertise in the industry and are abreast with internationally accepted standards. It is our ultimate drive to be a leader in setting standards in our industry

Design Capability

Today’s uniquely designed buildings require top down thinking when it comes to BMU design solution and BMU Technologies’ staff take great pride in their innovative solutions to the most complex building designs. Safety is the top priority and considering the BMU early in the building design process will allow us to integrate and conceal the building access systems seamlessly into the Architectural design.

Core Business

  • Design, Supply & Install Building Maintenance Unit – Gondola, Monorail, Davit Arm, MEWP, Self-Power Cradle & etc.
  • Supply Spares and parts for Building Maintenance Unit
  • Providing manpower for operation and maintenance (O&M)

    for Building Maintenance Unit
  • Rental Gondola
  • Fabrication and Installation of Steel Structure & Mechanical equipment

Serving the industry since 1996

  • The company shall produce leading edge technology solutions to satisfy our customers needs.
  • We shall not sacrifice quality for profits
  • We shall provides superior customers services and maintain close relationship with our customers who are assured of unflagging commitment and support.


BMU TECHNOLOGIES (M) SDN BHD shall be known in the industry as a company that produces and deliver quality solutions that meet and exceed customers satisfaction. Our products and services shall comprise the latest development in the industry and based on internationally accepted standards. It is our ultimate vision to be leader in setting standards in our industry.